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Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy?


We use cold or low level laser therapy that is a pain free and drug free method of relieving numerous conditions.

This type of laser is also known as PhotoBioModulation (PBM) which says a lot about what it does. The laser unit alters the biological activity of the body through controlled delivery of light energy.



Omega Laser

Case Study

Using laser therapy in the treatment of stretch marks

What is involved with each treatment?


Stage 1

A mild dermabrasion cream is applied to the affected area to remove the top layer of skin cells so that the laser beam can access the stretch marks easily and effectively.


Stage 2

The first laser setting is applied to each mark for approximately 15 seconds per cm2. This is a deep laser setting that aims to deal with the underlying connective tissue and to rebuild the skin structure from the deeper layers first.


Stage 3

A more superficial laser diode is used during this stage of treatment to target the connective tissue at skin level. The laser is applied for 30 seconds per cm2 during this stage.


Stage 4

An LED cluster diode is now used to improve circulation and reduce inflammation and redness of the marks.

Larger picture of stretch marks day 1 to session 6

Laser Therapy in the treatment of other conditions

Laser therapy is also an effective treatment when dealing with the following conditions:


  • Muscle spasm

  • Sciatica

  • Arthitic pain

  • Mastitis

  • Pelvic Pain

  • Vestibulodynia

  • Ligament sprains

Download this PDF leaflet for information on Laser Therapy and Physiotherapy

Physio_patient_leaflet Omega



How does Laser Therapy Work?


The light energy used in clinic is a mixture of red and infra-red light which is directed into the affected tissues. This energy is absorbed by the cells and used to produce ATP (this is the cells' currency for energy transfer).  And so, the energy provided by the laser helps the cells to regrow, reform and realign. The following three main responses have been identified in the research to date.

1. Healing growth factor response


- Increased ATP and protein synthesis

- Improved cell proliferation

- Change in cell membrane permeability to calcium up-take


2. Pain relief


- Increased endorphin release

- Increased serotonin

- Suppression of nociceptor action


3. Immune system support


- Increasing levels of lymphocyte activity

- Photomodulation of blood

Here is photographic evidence of the effects of low level laser therapy in the treatment of unsightly abdominal stretch marks following pregnancy and childbirth. After just 6 treatments, the stretch marks appear more shallow, less red and definately less noticeable.


Each treatment lasts between 1-2 hours, depending on the number of stretch marks requiring treatment. A course of 6 treatments costs £375 and can be paid in bulk when booking or you can use the payment plan and spread the cost over 6 months (6x payments of £62.50).