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The Virtual

Treatment Room

These are challenging times we face, but your treatment need not suffer. For those of you eager to start your physiotherapy jouney and for those of you concerned about having to pause the journey to recovery, don't worry! The Virtual Treatment Room is here!


I have been working hard behind the scenes to provide a more robust and user friendly online experience for my current and new clients. This Virtual Treatment Room is one of the major changes that I have put in place to offer as much as I can for my clients during social distancing and isolation.


Yes, it's true, physiotherapy is known as a 'hands on' type of therapy, however, in my day-to-day clinic, the majority of my time is spent teaching, advising and guiding my clients to a more independent and 'self-treating' method of dealing with their symptoms.


So whether it's incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain or any other form of pelvic health concern, use the Virtual Treatment Room and find out how I can help you.

Virtual Treatment Room Prices:

Initial Assessment £60 : 1hr

(£20 reduction from a face-to-face Assessment)


Follow Up £35 : 30mins

(£15 reduction from a face-to-face treatment)


Payment can be made by online bank transfer. Details are discussed during your Virtual Treatment Room Appointment

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How does the Virtual Treatment Room work?

1. Book Your appointment online by clicking the 'Book Now' Button above.


2. You will receive an email confirmation as usual and then this will be followed by an invitation to a Zoom Online Meeting


3. Simply click on the Zoom link in the email at the time of your appointment and then enter the Meeting ID from the email when joining the meeting


4. Zoom will need access to your camera and microphone, so click 'allow' when prompted by the website / app


5. Once your video and audio are connected, you will see me just as with FaceTime and Skype (Zoom is encrypted and so complies with my GDPR policies)


6. We complete the appointment virtually and I will talk you through advice, education and may ask you to show me some exercises and movements.


7. Following your appointment, you will receive an email update reminding you of the advice I have given you, including links to videos and also the online content in the members section of my website (this will be added to in the coming weeks


See below for an example of the Virtual Appointment Invitation:



Bespoke physio in the comfort of your own home...